Stony River boutique Hotel                                                                        

Taranaki at its best - where the mountain meets the sea

Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 2.30pm

Text Box:

Garlic bread $12

            Home baked rewana bread with ever changing dip


Soup and sandwich $14

            Soup of the day with ham and cheese toasty

Text Box: Brettel Jause

Brettel Jause $28 (Austrian anti-pasto platter)

            A verity of home smoked meats and fish with pickles, egg and home baked bread


Fresh garden salad $17

            with Thula Green sprouts and homemade French dressing

                        Add grilled chicken $22            add home smoked fish $22


Eggs benedict $17

Poached free range eggs with Hollandaise sauce served on kumara rosti topped with Thula green sprouts

            Homemade bacon $22, Home smoked fish $22,  Cinnamon infused red cabbage $19


Kaihihi burger              big $21             small $17          vegetarian $21

Homemade half or quarter pound patty with bacon, egg, cheese lettuce, beetroot, tomato, BBQ sauce, tomato sauce and chips


John Dory                    big $23             small $17

Grilled, crumbed or battered with salad garnish, chips, tartare and tomato sauce


BBQ chicken wings      6pc. $15           12pc. $22

            Marinated in Hickory smoked BBQ sauce with sesame seeds served on fries with tomato sauce


Hunter schnitzel open sandwich $22

Golden crumbed chicken schnitzel home baked rewana bread topped with creamy bacon – onion - mushroom sauce, comes with salad garnish


Arborio rice arancini $18

Homemade rice balls stuffed with feta cheese, panko and sesame crumbed served on fresh garden salad and balsamic reduction


Homemade tortellini $22

Stuffed with smoked blue Warehou and ricotta, sautéed in coastal olive oil (Waverly) and fresh herbs, topped with parmesan cheese and balsamic reduction


Surf and turf open steak sandwich $28

Grilled prime steer sirloin served on home baked bread, topped with prawn skewer and Hickory smoked BBQ sauce, onion jam, comes with chips and salad garnish


GF = gluten free, DF = dairy free, V = vegetarian