Stony River boutique Hotel

                                                                                   Taranaki at its best - where the mountain meets the sea
                                                                                                 Open Wednesday - Sunday 4pm - late

Sample menus, may change daily!


Garlic bread to share $12 (V)

Our own home baked Rewana bread, homemade dip


Soup of the day $12 (gluten free available, add $2)

Chef’s daily choice comes with home baked bread


Grilled Kumara rosti $15 (Paleo)

Walnut crusted haloumi, homemade tomato ketchup and watercress


Homemade spring rolls $15

Stuffed with ostrich and ricotta, served on pickled orange with pomegranate syrup


Tasting platter for two $28.00 (counts as 2 entrée)

Mini arancini, grilled prawn kebab, home cured speck,

sundried tomato, olives, Caper berries, homemade dip,

meat balls, caramelized red wine mushrooms and crostini

Vegetarian Main’s


Mushroom and ricotta samosas $28 (V)

Homemade, served on a bed of marinated sprouts with pickled cucumbers, petit potato rosti and sour cream herb dip


Vegetarian schnitzel $25 (V)

Golden crumbed vegetable patty, salad garnish creamy caper chardonnay sauce


Beef Award Winning First Light Wagyu rump steak $34 (V)

cooked to your liking, with fresh asparagus, spicy chips and garlic butter

(Wagyu is any of four Japanese breeds of beef cattle, the most desired of which is genetically predisposed to intense marbling and to producing a high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat)


Double cooked pork belly $34

On mustard mash, sauerkraut, cider jus and topped with crackling and watercress, apple sauce


Award Winning Lamb neck fillet $34

Sous vide cooked in rosemary and mint jus served with kumara rosti pickled cucumber and yoghurt herb dip


“Stony River Classic” John Dory $28         smaller version $21

Beer battered or grilled or golden crumbed, fries, homemade tartar sauce, tomato sauce and salad garnish


“Kaihihi” burger 180g $22                          smaller version 120g $17              

Beef patty, cheese, bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, chips, BBQ sauce, tomato sauce, aioli

Austrian National Dish


 “Vienna Schnitzel” $28

Ladies size $23

Golden crumbed, with jus


“Parmigiana” schnitzel $28

Ladies size $23

Golden crumbed, Marinara sauce topped with cheese


“Kaiser” (Emperors) schnitzel $28

Ladies size $23

Golden crumbed with creamy caper - Chardonnay sauce


Hunter schnitzel $28

Ladies size $23

Golden crumbed with creamy mushroom, - bacon, - onion sauce


Open Cordon bleu $28(V)

Ladies size $23

Golden crumbed, stuffed with ham and cheese

(Not available as veal)


Choose out of Beef, - Pork, - Chicken, Vegetarian and


Peeled parsley potato


Creamy flesh fries


Homemade spaetzle (German pasta)



Upgrade to curly fries add $3.00

(applies also for grabone deals)          


We are very proud to announce that we are winners of the  

w Zealand Beef & Lamb Excellence Award 2016, 2017 and 2018

GF=gluten free, V=vegetarian



Crumbed onion rings $5 (V)


Sautéed mushroom $5 (GF, V)


Kumara rosti $5 (GF, V))


Cinnamon infused red cabbage $5 (GF, V)


Homemade Mustard mash $5 (GF, V)


Peeled parsley potato $5 (GF, V)


Bowl fries with tomato sauce $6 (V)


Bowl of spaetzle (German pasta) $6 (V)


Bowl curly fries with tomato sauce $10 (V)


Fresh vegetables of the day $10 (GF, V)


Fresh garden salad with French dressing $6 (GF, V)


 (surcharges apply also for grabone deals)


GF=gluten free, V=vegetarian




GF = gluten free, DF = dairy free, V = vegetarian